22.09.2008: Es nervt ..

.. aber so richtig. Ich hätte wirklich gern eine einfache UND schnelle Möglichkeit, Posts einfach so von der Kommandozeile abzusetzen. meine FTP-Daten rausgeben zu müssen o.ä. Sicherheitslücken.

Jetzt erstmal das Habari-Update einspielen... und gucken, was sich dort sonst noch so getan hat seit Anfang August diesen Jahres.

08.09.2008: Quick'N'Easy blog editing

For quite a while, it's been getting a big problem for me: How to quickly and easily submit a blog post - whether its in here using Habari or any other blogging platform.

I recently stumbled over hl--, which describes itself as: "Designed for people who are comfortable SSHing to their web server, and making updates with a text editor" - great concept! Thats what I've been searching for - but not as yet another blog software, but for getting my thoughts and side notes quickly published.

Thus, I'm currently in the process of hacking something together that'll handle the following tasks:

  1. Fetch given text file that contains a pre-formatted, new blog post
  2. Upload it using different methods, starting from down-to-earth FTP access, up to HTTP-PUT and AtomPub
  3. Parse the incoming data and publish (or save it as draft) it at a given date and time - or right now

On a side-note rant: Why isnt there a simple to use PHP class, app or something for using the bloody AtomPub protocol?!? I'd lovingly use this protocol as it gets shipped with Habari, but thanks to this short-comings, its going to be a loooong way before I get the chance of implementing this into above mentioned app :(

29.07.2008: Umbau

Frisch installiert und noch im Umbau: (The) Usability Idealist.
Unterbau: Habari 0.5
Frontend: XHTML, CSS, jQuery 1.6