22.04.2010: Using ICC Color Profiles within Linux

Linkdump of how to get color profiles working in Linux, esp. using Firefox:

Basically, you not only need to enable the color profiles, but also have to add the path were the ICC profile of your monitor is stored in about:config. Also see the above link to the Mozilla Developer Center.

08.04.2010: PHP: Delete cookies

PHP and cookie deletion - thats a bloody PITA.
Had to work that out today because a fucked-up WordPress upgrade session - the customers were experiencing strange "don't cheat" messages when trying to log in. Thought I gonna share this with everybody else.
Took me bloody 4 hours to figure this out - at least with Firefox:

foreach($_COOKIE as $strKey => $value) {
  setcookie($strName, 'false', (time() - 3600 * 48), '/', ' ');

11.02.2009: Meine Arbeitsmittel

Da mir in letzter Zeit des Öfteren die Frage gestellt worden ist, mit was ich denn so arbeite, folgend mal eine ausführliche Aufschlüsselung meiner Werkzeuge :-)


  • Workstation: AMD DualCore-System mit 2 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS (XFCE), Firefox 3.0, Opera 10, Midori, Konqueror, w3m, links2, VirtualBox 2.1x
    1. Windows Vista Business, IE 7, DebugBar, IETester, SRWare Iron, Firefox 3.1b
    2. Windows 7 Beta Build 7000, IE 8
  • Netbook: Asus EeePC 1000H, Intel Atom-CPU (1,6 GHz), 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, Eeebuntu 2.0 mit Array-Kernel/Windows UMPC-Dualboot (noch), Firefox 3.0, Opera 10, Epiphany (Webkit), w3m, links2, VirtualBox 2.1x
    1. Windows XP SP3, IE 7, SRWare Iron
  • Firefox-Erweiterungen:
    • Firebug - mit den zusätzlichen Erweiterungen Firecookie, FireRainbow, YSlow (nur auf dem Netbook und unter Windows)
    • Web Developer Toolbar
    • Scuttle - zur zentralen Ablage und Zugriff auf meine Bookmarks


    • Linux: Kate, gedit, PDT, mcedit
    • Windows: Notepad++, PDT


    • JavaScript: jQuery, mootools
    • CSS: blueprintcss, bluetrip, YAML
    • PHP: eigene Frameworks, CakePHP, Kohana


    • Workstation: XAMPP 1.68a (PHP 5.2.6, PHP 4.4.9, MySQL 5.0)
    • Netbook: XAMP 1.7 (PHP 5.2.8, MySQL 5.1)
    • Hoster #1: PHP 5.2.6 (Hardened PHP), MySQL 5.0, Linux/SuSE (Kernel
    • Hoster #2: PHP 5.2.8 (Hardened PHP), MySQL 5.0, Gentoo Linux (Kernel

10.12.2008: Now testing Opera 10

I'm currently testing the latest stable Opera 10 alpha release (gcc4-qt3-build). Beside being the first able to try out DragonFly, I've ran over the ACID3-test page - and it opened and displayed it if there was no difference to other pages 8-o

Lets have a nice comparison (left side: Firefox 3.0.4 w/ lotsa extensions, right side Opera 10.00, Build 4102, clean install):

BTW: Software plattform in this case is Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1 LTS, kernel 2.6.24, and yes, thats XFCE 4 decorations you can see in the image above