12.11.2008: Habari somewhat working again

Thanks to some malfunctioning plugins, this Habari install was out-of-order for nearly a month.

I've been working with the "un"stable version on my private weblog, but havent discovered particular unstability so far. Sometimes, of course, there was a bit of crashing and so on, but soon to be stopped by either uploading older files or the latest data out of the "alternative download" (habari_head.zip).

Looks like of some changes were done to the core, thus some plugins stopped working properly. In particular, I removed one plugin (pingback) and disabled another one (tagcloud), latter one did work correctly till this very PHP memory allocation error started occuring, directly after installing the so-called "stable" version update 0.5.1. :-/

I originally wanted to stay up-to-date, but use the stable builds, but now, I'm going to stick with the allegedly unstable alpha releases instead, to avoid getting into another "no way to blog about my work"-situation as described above.

A small plea from my side: Please, whoever is building or deciding about if a version is ready to release - give it a litttle bit more of testing in a normal environment, ie. a hosted solution, NOT your personal server. I cannot recommend anyone to use Habari if this goal - getting Habari to run under normal conditions - isnt met accurately! :-/

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